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Alpaca Sweaters / Coats

Beautiful Alpaca Sweaters and Coats  (For Her)
These sweaters are one of a kind, made in the USA expressly for us, one at a time, not mass produced.      

A truly  unique and special item in very popular styles.

The maker calls these "Magic Sweaters" because the fabric (Alpaca) is so soft, light, warm and smooth it's like working with magic  cloth. You will feel the same way when you wear it.

I truely think this is one of the nicest collection of Alpaca sweaters You will find anywhere!
Winter White, Alpaca Cardigan 
               100% Baby  Alpaca 
Elizabeth Sweater/Coat -Black  
Alpaca Gray/White  Cape 
 Francesca Alpaca  Lt Gray
 Choc. Brown
  Lt Gray Cardigan, One Button 
                  100% Alpaca
  Spring Calibri Draping Sweater 
           Denim    Blue
( Chocolete Brown)
 Gabrelle Alpaca Sweater/coat with pockets.
                  Classic Alpaca
                Ruffle  Wrap Cape
All Sweaters on this page are priced at 40 % 
or more off.

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